Monday, December 27, 2010

List of Resources for Baby Friendly Dog Stuff

Baby sounds CD:

Websites and Online resources: one dog trainer's blog comparing raising her daughter to how she trains her dogs. – a very supportive community with good advice about dog training, care, nutrition, etc.,,, – just a few places where you can find many toys and supplies to keep your dog occupied.

Problem-Solving Toys and Chewies:

Kong and Goodie Ship – available at most pet stores and wonderful for placing food and treats in, topping with peanut butter, cream cheese, yogurt, etc. and freezing.

Tricky Treat Ball, Moleculeball, Twist & Treat – toys that can hold almost an entire meal's worth of dog food, but takes at least 15 minutes to empty. These can be found in local pet stores or online.

Sonik Soft Dog Toys – squeaky toys that only your dog can hear.

Chase N Pull Dog Toy and Nifty Pet Exerciser – two different toys that your dog can chase while you're sitting in a comfortable place.

Orbee Tuffee balls and bones – you can stuff them with treats or some dogs just like them as they are. The balls tend to bounce on their own, which can keep a dog busy for quite some time. They've held up fairly well to the power-chewing Lab's jaws, as well as to the incessant teething of my Collie puppy.

Bully Sticks – is where I've found the best price for bullies that don't smell, but I'm sure you can find them elsewhere.

Antler Chews – found at, among other places.

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